Understanding the Power of Arrowheads

There is an age old belief among Native Americans that hand carved arrowhead, when worn in the form of a talisman around the neck can act as the perfect symbol of strength, courage and protection. They are also of the belief that arrowhead worn by them protected the users from all types of illness, while acting as a safeguard against Evil Eye. The arrowhead is known to deflect negative energy coming from any corners and protect them from enemies by absorbing their power. These days, one can come across several reputed sites that offer authentic and powerful arrowheads for sale that is functional and can offer the desired results.

What is it used for?

This is an energy muse piece that has been designed to capture the talisman’s energy of the ancient Native American people. It is known to encompass all protective energies which are valued greatly. There are many providers who have realized the beneficial healing properties of the arrowhead. They have come up with specially designed arrowhead necklaces that protect the user from Evil Eyes. It also helps the person to embrace the adventurer that exists within him. In order to derive the powerful benefits and the best results, it is necessary to hold the arrowhead every morning with focused attention in the hand, and say aloud very clearly, “I stay protected, clear and focused”.

Every necklace that is designed is considered to be handmade with great precision, devotion, care and love. It ranges from Arrowhead wrapping to hand-braided cord, thus making such pieces unique. The fact no arrowhead can be found alike.

The Obsidian Arrowhead

Those looking for protection can believe in the authentic Obsidian Arrowhead that is now available easily over the web. It can be carried along in the pocket or worn as talisman around the neck or the arm, which entirely depends upon the preference of the individual. There are present glassy, beautiful, polished and hand carved Obsidian to be purchased. These do make fabulous gifts for boys and girls of all ages.

Healing properties of black obsidian arrowhead

The energy of black Obsidian tends to create a solid protective shield around the person to help him/her to be focused when faced with any kind of negativity. At the same time, it also helps to recognize where negativity is present and to uncover those unconscious patterns and thoughts which inhibit the person’s personal and spiritual growth.

Its history and uses

The name ‘Black Obsidian’ is said to have been derived from Obsius, an ancient well known Roman explorer. An Ethiopian woman named Xenia had gifted him a beautiful black glass sphere taken from a volcano. It was known as the ‘wizard stone’, since it was of great use during the ancient times to practice magic. For scrying purpose, there were used polished Obsidian mirrors. Nostradamus, the famous astrologer is said to have used for scrying, the black Obsidian sphere. It is considered to be an opaque volcanic based glass which can be found in green, brown grey or black color. Apache Tears is regarded to be Arizona’s translucent variety. It is used right from Paleolithic times to create weapons and tools due its having a sharp edge.

These days, one can find out the best wholesale arrowheads supplier and their choice of Agate Arrowheads to meet their specific needs and to stay protected.

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