How Can You Use Black Obsidian Products For Healing And Feng Shui?

According to the experts, the aura of black obsidian is said to be associated with absolute mystery. It is very softly that its energy draws its users, however, deeply, thus making black obsidian presence to be powerful in several ways.

Both black obsidian polished mirrors as well as their crystal balls had been used in ancient times by different cultures across the globe to provide deep healing. The obsidian’s black reflective color combined with smooth water type surface along with volcanic origin is said to have the ability to produce powerful transformation among those knowing how it is to be used the correct way.

More about black obsidian

It is also known as stone of truth and tends to reveal limitless mysteries and secrets, both associated with the person’s inner world working with obsidian and the inner workings associated to the cosmos. Sharpness of the black obsidian has been expressed in the form of physical property and can be used in different types of tools for cutting through matter such as arrows, blades, etc. It is indeed a powerful stone which can cut through lies, illusions, blockages facades, etc.

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The truth is the kind of information that is revealed by the black obsidian as well as its truthful energy intensity is regarded to be overwhelming. Its black color perfection tends to reveal the darkness which blacks the light in every situation including any person. It is for this reason, black obsidian is to be taken great care and respected, especially the spheres. But the powers can only be derived by buying authentic black obsidian products for sale.

The other facet with regards to the identity of black obsidian is its capability to draw negative energy. It protects the wearer including the surroundings where it has been placed. Such is its importance that it is still being used as protection especially in different body adornments, as jewelry and in several areas of the home.

The black obsidian’s powerful alchemical properties are because of its origin. It is considered to be born from volcanic lava that had cooled quickly. Hence, it is stated to have potent energy of interacting with numerous powerful and raw elements like water, earth and fire.

For healing purpose

When healing is concerned, black obsidian can help the wearer to become much more focused, clear and grounded with regards to all practical matters. At the same time, it can help the person to develop powers of discernment and razor like mental capabilities.

Since black obsidian is known to express detached, clear energy of truth, but without taking any kind of sides, this can prove to be more than helpful to people reacting emotionally to events and others throughout their life. Incorporating black obsidian piece into jewelry, be it anklet bracelet, bracelet or a ring is sure to help the person to bring plenty of balance to his life, anchor erratic energies and to clear his mind of worries, distractions and fears.

Feng Shui and black obsidian

Black obsidian, Feng Shui wise is considered to be a wonderful feng shui cure especially for North bagua area. It is an area which connects with energy of Path in life and career. The black obsidian’s energy not only helps to provide feng shui water quality element with the energy required in North area, however, also clears obstacles in the person’s life and provides protection to him. One can check out the leading black obsidian arrowheads for sale.

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