The Uses Of Agate And Its Purposes

The Uses of Agate – Past and Present

Back in the days of Babylonian civilization Agate was used as an amulet for healing purposes and for several ornamentation since it has beautiful layers of color. In the Greek and Egyptian civilization, this gemstone was recognized for its medicinal usage and later the news of it got spread throughout Middle East and later into Russia. The energy which imparts strength or stabilization in agate is of a much lower frequency compared to other stones. Therefore, although very effective in nature but the agate takes time to show proper results. The various layered bands in agate has very strong influences. For a person suffering disbalance in emotions, physicality and intellect – agate is really very useful because it puts into harmony the yin and yang, that is, the positive and negative forces constantly in work in the universe.

Helps in healing physical energy

Agate, when kept on the abdomen can have amazing results in reducing gastritis and fights with any problem with the digestive system. It has many benefits in organs such as – eyes, uterus, stomach, intestine etc. Any rashes on the skin due to insect bites or other skin disorders can be healed faster with agate. In cases of fever, a cold agate can be kept on the forehead to cure it. If there is any symptoms of epilepsy or sleep walking, agate can be used by them.

In dealing with emotions

When under deep emotional stress, the pragmatic thinking gets blurred. Agate provides clarity of mind and encourages rational thinking. Regular designed agates provide you peace and harmony while the irregularly designed ones help you take significant decisions wisely. Often there are a series of anxieties eating up the mind, Agate helps you self-discover and gradually sort the issues, boosts up your confidence, and encourages truth in any circumstance. Anger is healed, bitterness is fought with, and is helpful against any kind of trauma.

Spiritual energy is enhanced with Agate

One’s awareness comes into proper consciousness with Agate. Later, this gemstone helps you see tranquility in your experiences in life and leads you towards inner stability of mind.

Balances the energy and heals

Negative energies are either transformed or eliminated from one’s body, mind and surroundings after one comes in contact with Agate. The cleaning effect of this powerful gemstone works in all forms and levels.

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