Opening Your Chakras Through Guided Meditation

According to the industry experts, the chakras are considered to be vital energy centers which is found throughout the body. The chakras are being balanced for 1000s of years and are linked with maintaining physical and mental well being. It is through chakra meditation that balance of the key chakras can be improved and it is equally possible to derive mental peace and good health.

Chakras – An Introduction

Basically, there are present chakras in the body in hundreds which represent the energy centers, both small and big. However, there are seven core chakras that are focused upon. They are regarded to be the major points which are further identified to be crucial by several spiritual traditions. These are:

Identifying the blocked chakras

At any point of time, the chakras may get imbalanced, closed or blocked. If any of the chakra gets closed off to natural energy flow throughout the body, then the being is likely to get compensated by having more energy directed towards the more functional chakras. In this case, some chakras may become hyperactive, while others simply shut down. Both may pose serious repercussion to individual physical and mental balance. It is through proper meditation that all the chakras can be kept open to get them into harmonious state. Selecting the best wholesale chakra sets can help to derive its magical properties.

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Testing the chakras

With online chakra tests, it is possible to identify the chakra that the person is facing trouble. A better way to know about chakra blockages will be to learn about each chakra and to understand properly its associated imbalanced signs.

Every chakra is said to have its own unique symptoms (both mental and physical) which indicate over or under activity. On recognizing the symptoms, it becomes much easier to associate them with the chakras that are to be focused upon.

Guided meditation to open up the chakras

Since the chakras are part of the intimately connected system, it is on the singular chakras that plenty of work can be done. It will be useful to meditate on each and every chakra to get the whole system into proper balance. It is by gaining experience and with time that individual imbalances can be detected and meditation directed towards focusing on the specific chakras.

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It will be useful to start with a peaceful place to meditate for about 30 minutes without any disturbance. Sit with folded legs on the floor or a cushion. Hold erect the spine, but not stressed. Allow hands to fall limp on the knees and breathe evenly and deeply.

Now, visualize every chakra, right from its root to crown. While doing, visualize flow of energy into and across the chakra. During meditation, for each chakra, use its associated colors. Give proper attention to each chakra. Focus on it till vibrant energy is seen passing through it. Once the crown chakra is reached, it is possible to have clear picture of flow of positive energy throughout the body.

Keeping track of colors and energy centers to focus upon can be a bit tricky when beginning to find about chakra meditation. It is here that chakra sets for meditation and the right meditation tools can prove to be of great help.

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