Small 2inch Knife - Stone Knife - Agate Arrowheads

Small 2 inch Knife

Our small 2 inch knifes are of the finest quality. You are assured of the use of the best agate stones and traditional crafting techniques are used to create these unique 2 inch knifes. We accept bulk or wholesale orders for these knives and guarantee the best product with no deviation in form.

Axe Arrowhead 4inch - Stone Knife - Agate Arrowheads

Axe Arrowhead 4inch

Axe Arrowheads are made from the finest stones, these are hand crafted and have many benefits in the practice of Reiki and Chakra healing. Invest in the quality Axe Arrowhead manufactured by us we also accept bulk orders and ship worldwide.

Stone Age Blades - Stone Knife - Agate Arrowheads

Stone Age Blades

Stone age blades are vital for chakra healing practices and rituals. We have a wide variety of stone age blades which we ship worldwide you are assured of quality and timely delivery. Place your order today.

Borad Knife 4 Inch - Stone Knife - Agate Arrowheads

Broad Knife 4 Inch

Our Agate broad knife is of 4 inches, this agate knife is in demand and we ship this in bulk the worldover. We assure top quality and guarantee that the number of units ordered will be met. These knifes are handmade and the use of the best agate stones is done to create the same.

Knife with 3 nodge-Stone Knife-Agate Arrowheads

3″ Knife With Nodge

This 3 inch knife with nodge is a favorite amongst those who practice chakra healing and reiki. These knifes are top quality and can be ordered in bulk online we ship worldwide. You are rest assured these knifes are of the best quality and the craftsmanship is simply amazing.